International Day of Happiness: Music That Makes Me Smile

So another day has passed and we are confronted with yet another ‘International Day of’…I’m not sure who comes up with these days…the other day was ‘International Day of Napping’….I’m thinking maybe some sleep deprived parent invented this one?!

So I thought today I would write about the songs that make me feel happy, you know the songs that when you hear them your face instantly lights up.

So lets go…

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Today it is International Women’s Day…a day to celebrate all the women in the world and the reasons why we are so bloody marvellous. I am very fortunate to have three amazing women in my life. They are not only my family but my also my best friends…they are always there for me-good days and bad. They make me laugh, they make me cry but most importantly they love me and I love them.

So who are these ‘Wonder Women’ you ask??

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A Girls Guide To Shopping


Alarm goes off at 7am…you get up and try on the outfit you planned last night, it probably involves heels, a cute coat maybe even a scarf and lots of jewellery. Outfit on-you then realise you are going SHOPPING!! Outfit rethink….Sensible coat…no to scarf…and too much jewellery could result in choking when trying on clothes or being left behind in changing rooms and heels-are you kidding me?!

Second attempt at outfit….jeans-the ones that have that stretch in them as your body will expand throughout the shopping trip…top that is plain and goes with most things, cardigan is better than jumper as you can still get some airflow to the body…coat…simple this is England and chances are it will rain at some point. Shoes, these need to be comfy as chances are you will be on them for around 8 hours.

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RIP New Girl


In the beginning New Girl literally made me laugh out loud, I loved all the characters especially Schmidt and was rooting for Nick and Jess to get together from the very beginning but something has changed…..

We see at the beginning of this series the tone take a huge turn, Schmidt usually the funniest character has become all depressed from his wrong doings. Yes he still makes the odd quip but his overall demeanour has really hit a low point.

Then we have Jess and Nick, I was one of the many fans who wanted them to be together but now they are, something just doesn’t work. The two of them are too wrapped up in their new relationship to actually carry a good storyline and amuse us viewers.

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