Hannah’s Handbag Essentials

So if any of you are like me then I like to be prepared for any situation…this is where my handbag comes in. You will rarely see me out and about with a small handbag which only fits my purse, phone and keys in – my bags are big and full to the brim with ‘Hannah’s Handbag Essentials’…

Not all the items listed below can be found in my handbag at the moment but I got a bit too excited writing this post and so I guess now I need to go shopping 🙂

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Shopping Wish List

So those of you who read my last blog post ‘Stuck In A Style Rut’ will know of my struggles lately with my fashion choices…but that hasn’t stopped my love of going shopping…in person and virtually. I am the girl who sits at night on my laptop browsing the pages of H&M and Topshop and compiling a ton of clothes in my virtual basket…these are usually never purchased but a girl can dream right?!

So I thought I would let you have a sneak peak of what’s on my wish list at the moment…

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Stuck in a Style Rut

At the moment I find myself at the stage in my life where I’m questioning all my fashion choices….

Can I still pull off a crop top?

Are these jeans too patterned?

Is this top too tight?

Does this style of jean suit me?

This list is endless and it’s driving me a little bit crazy!

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A Girls Guide To Shopping


Alarm goes off at 7am…you get up and try on the outfit you planned last night, it probably involves heels, a cute coat maybe even a scarf and lots of jewellery. Outfit on-you then realise you are going SHOPPING!! Outfit rethink….Sensible coat…no to scarf…and too much jewellery could result in choking when trying on clothes or being left behind in changing rooms and heels-are you kidding me?!

Second attempt at outfit….jeans-the ones that have that stretch in them as your body will expand throughout the shopping trip…top that is plain and goes with most things, cardigan is better than jumper as you can still get some airflow to the body…coat…simple this is England and chances are it will rain at some point. Shoes, these need to be comfy as chances are you will be on them for around 8 hours.

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The Fear of Returns

It all starts when you purchase that item that you loved in the shop but you didn’t try on because either the queue was too big or you were strapped for time so you risk it for a choccy biscuit and buy it….

You get home and in your excited mood strip off and try it on….oh…no…

Its looks awful…what were you thinking?!  Oh…God…now you will have to deal with the dreaded returns process.

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