A Journey Back to the Land of Smiles

Myself and The Mothership were dropped off on Sunday afternoon at our London Heathrow Airport Hotel…we stocked up on treats and food which was only actually a pot of porridge and wotsits because we were only near a co-op and the restaurant didn’t do room service and we couldn’t be bothered to sit down there eat so we snuggled into our beds for the night.

The next morning we filled our stomachs with food and our bags with mini pots of jams and marmite…courtesy of the wonderful hotel buffet breakfast and next we hopped onto the bus to journey to the airport.

On our journey we were confronted by some oldies…between 55 and 70 so not really old but my god did they act like it…firstly they put their luggage in the aisle so it was all over the place during the journey and even when the bus driver asked them to put them in the racks the women turned around and demanded the men do it – so much for independent women! They were absolute nightmares and I had to make a promise to The Mothership if she ever acted like that I was allowed to shoot her!!

We arrived at London Heathrow Airport slightly tired but our excitement was now in full swing – check in went smoothly and security let us through (always a bonus!). We didn’t have long in duty free so we made a quick pit stop to the perfume counter to spritz ourselves (Note: always overdo the perfume you need it to last a long journey….yes you smell a bit like a brothel to start with but who cares?!). Then it was time to board….9 hours to get us to Mumbai airport…

Being the idiot I usually am I ordered the vegetarian option for dinner and well hello spicy!! Not off to a good start Hannah!! The Mothership on the other hand went for the sensible chicken option…in tomato sauce – when will I learn!!

We also were given some free crisps like things….weird but who says no to free food?!

The last meal was a garlic vegetable wrap…again slightly strange but our bodies were so out of sorts by this time we didn’t really care what we shoved in.

We landed at Mumbai airport with no time to spare so lined up for security which was odd as we had to line up in queues of male or female and we were each individually taken into a cubicle to be scanned by a woman. As per usual the female queue was long and the male was non existent!!

We flew with the same airline so were offered more food…our poor stomachs were all over the place….we both went for a chicken curry which was fine and The Mothership ate some weird carrot and cardamom rice pudding which she said was OK but I gave it a miss.

During the flight we began to think about our next and final flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai – just to make you aware two days prior they cancelled this flight and offered us an alternative but never confirmed it and when we checked in in London they did give us three tickets but being fools we didn’t think to check the time!!

So The Mothership decided to have a peak and to our horror our flight from Mumbai to Bangkok landed at 07:40am and our flight to Chiang Mai from Bangkok left at 08:00am with the gates closing at 07:35am!!

This was when our hearts sank…

The flight arrived early thank god but we still believed we needed to collect our luggage and recheck in….we left the plane and were greeted by a Thai lady who told us we were very late and needed to rush….cue three women pegging it through the airport…we arrived at immigration to be shouted out by another woman, hustled to a side door to get our passports checked and then onto security where we had to politely plead with people to let us through ahead of them as we may miss our flight….and oh yes we left a bottle of water in the bags so had to go through that drama as well didn’t we…

We made it through and all three of us began sprinting the final way to the gates…the Thai lady looked elegant and graceful – we on the other hand were sweating, galloping heavy footedly panting and chuckling to ourselves – attractive!!

We made it through the gates and were informed that the plane was delayed 10 minutes for us…queue the whole plan gawking at us as we were showed to our seats and very kindly but slightly embarrassingly handed a moist towel!

This flight was only 55 minutes but again we were offered more food and so we scoffed our way through scrambled egg and a chocolate muffin. Unfortunately during the flight my water bottle exploded and it looked like I had soiled myself front and back!! I also had a man sitting next to me who gave me odd looks as I pressed rolls of tissue into my crouch to try and dry out!

Finally we arrived at the airport…to be informed our luggage had not made the flight with us but would be coming on the next flight in four hours time!!!

With all our faith restored in the airline company we sat and pondered life in Chiang Mai airport waiting for our bags and trying not to nod off – we had been awake for 27 hours!!

The flight with our bags landed so we rushed through to wait for them…with each new bag coming out onto the conveyor belt our hearts were racing even faster….then we spotted the first bag it was The Mothership’s so if mine didn’t arrive I would be forcing myself into size 6 shorts – not a pretty sight! Then a few bags later mine popped up….oh how relieved we were!!

So all in all an eventful but successful journey for us – now onto our villa…



Today it is International Women’s Day…a day to celebrate all the women in the world and the reasons why we are so bloody marvellous. I am very fortunate to have three amazing women in my life. They are not only my family but my also my best friends…they are always there for me-good days and bad. They make me laugh, they make me cry but most importantly they love me and I love them.

So who are these ‘Wonder Women’ you ask??

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10 Reasons Why Mums Are So Special


So today is Mothers Day-the one day of the year when she doesn’t have to do anything…no cleaning, no cooking or making cups of tea…it’s a day for her to sit back relax and be spoilt.

I got thinking today whilst spending my time showering my Mum in love and hugs what makes a ‘Mum’ so special…because they are…they have these special powers that we can’t quite understand I guess until we are mothers ourselves.  So I compiled a list of ten things that make Mothers so special and unique human beings….

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Things no one warns you about…being an Auntie


  1. You have to deal with poop filled nappies…and when you’re not used to this it’s a traumatic event …as my sister likes to say ‘where’s the gloves?’

2. You have to put up with insults…stinky, fat, ugly, big bum the list goes on…

3. When you offer to babysit for one night…it takes you the week to recover…its worse than one night out and the two day hangover that usually follows.

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