The Simple Life

I traveled over 5000 miles to get some ‘me’ time and as I write this I am sitting on my bungalow porch in 35 degree heat surrounded by nature with only the sound of the birds to fill the air – it’s a complete paradise.

Each day I wake up after clocking way too may hours kip and make myself a cup of tea (you can tell I’m British!) and sit outside my bungalow and just ‘be’. Being away from all the constant noise and people that evidently comes with working and living in a city allows you to be at peace. For me it has partly been about accepting the idea that I had quit my job and given up my house – although I was 100% behind my plan there is always that little voice that tries to throw you. I accepted my decision and plan very quickly I must say and that’s because it wasn’t a spur of the moment choice I had always known I wouldn’t stay in that place in my life forever. I’m not a tree – I don’t like laying roots!

My days are filled with writing, reading, walking, sunbathing and good old puzzling – yes I even packed a 2000 piece puzzle into my backpack for this trip! Each day has given me space and time to think about life and what I want to make of it.

My life out here is simple. My diet is a lot healthier…she says hiding the giant stash of crisps she has in the wardrobe! No on a serious note I have only eaten one Maccy D’s so far and apart from a few treats I do eat a lot better and my body feels so much better for it. I drink copious amounts of water and get a huge dose of vitamin D from the sun each day. With this has also come the acceptance of my body, yes I have cellulite and yes my thunder thighs do wobble but who cares?! I sure don’t anymore – I love food and hate exercise!

The simple life I have grown to love out here won’t travel with me unfortunately to this extent when I return home. But I have made myself a promise that I must take away as much as I can with me. I don’t want the drama and I don’t want to let things get to me. I don’t need thousands of material possessions to make a home, or the highest paid job. I want a simplistic life that lets me tick by and keeps me happy.


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