Who is she?


So the ‘she’ being me – I don’t think I have ever really introduced myself to you all before so I thought maybe it was time to finally unveil who I am.

So I am a twenty something – wait scrap that, who says that?! Twenty something…is that what the 28-29 year olds use to try and maintain some of their early twenties youth?! I’m 25 going on 26 this July, I am currently homeless (you will learn why later…ooh the mystery…) with the ‘The Mothership’ and my two cats Darcy Bucket and Lord Tubbington (who aren’t homeless just on a Kitty Vacation – yes I am a bit of a crazy cat lady but where’s the harm hey?!)

So I started this blog way back in 2013 which scarily is 4 years ago….my first post was ‘First plus size fashion show at LFW…representing ‘real’ women??’ and from then on I blogged as a hobby, on and off with huge times of quietness. I started my blog as a way to share my thoughts and get them out of my head really….its gets rather crowded you see.

I adore writing and this year…even though its already 3 months in I will get my butt in gear and start taking my blog seriously and my writing. 

So as it was a hobby what the hell have you been doing the rest of your time you ask….

I left school with 3 A levels and started working at Clarks in Bath in the children’s department…was it painful? Yes…smelly feet + annoying children + pushy parents = no fun!

I then opened a women’s fashion boutique in Bath with ‘The Mothership’ and Sister Buffy which then evolved into a vintage clothing business online and at fairs up and down the country – this time was all about being your own boss which taught me a lot but my god was it hard work. Some weeks it was working 7 days a week, getting up at 4am to get to a fair and other days where I became trapped into binge watching Gossip Girl –  ahh those were the days!!

Next up I worked at a Students Union as a cleaner….my hatred for students started here….no I shall not stereotype them all but let me just say that the ones I have come into contact with were stinky little shits! And having lived next door to some recently  they act like children and find it amusing locking each other out in the garden all day…everyday…

I then became the Students Union Societies Coordinator which was I guess was where I felt I had my first real grown up job! This job taught me a lot about myself and helped me boost my confidence a lot, but alas was not the long term job I was looking for….

I then got bitten by travel bug, sold all my worldly possessions and buggered off with a backpack and passport for a while. My adventures are documented on my travel blog here: Gone Travelling Back Soon.

Then when I returned from travelling I worked at my local hospitals Ophthalmology department (eyeballs in case you’re wondering) as a clerical officer and then I became a Medical Secretary – you’d think my time here I would have learned something useful about the eyes well no I am still as clueless as ever!

So my life up until now has been very busy and action packed but it’s only really now at the age of 25 that I truly understand more about who I am…

I have come to realise that I don’t fit with what society says is ‘normal’. Working a 9-5 job, getting married, having kids and living for the weekend and holidays just isn’t the way of life that suits me but I now realise that that it’s ok.

I used to compare myself to others and always wonder ‘what’s wrong with me?’ why can’t I just be happy with that way of life – but now I am ok with that and actually now that I have accepted that I am much happy and content. So my life has been one hell of a roller-coaster of a journey, numerous houses ( I have lived in 14 different homes to be exact!), numerous jobs and I have travelled far and wide as mentioned above.  But I decided at New Year (yes I am only just getting round to sorting things) that this year I wasn’t going to keep getting myself down with life and if I truly wanted happiness I had to create it and take a leap of faith.

So I have handed my notice in on my house, quit my job as a Medical Secretary and have booked the next flight out of here to Thailand….

I am going to travel for a few months to free my mind of all the worries and stresses of life, top up my tan and gain some perspective, and make some plans about where I shall adventure to next.

When I return who knows what direction I will take…all I know is that this year I’m doing it my way!!





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