There’s No Place Like Home

So I moved house around 2 months ago and really I am only now feeling like the house is complete…everything takes you so much longer than you expect and costs one hell of a lot more than you’re ready for! I guess that’s why I have been so absent on here lately – moving and rebuilding a life takes a lot of time and energy – I have also had a two week holiday where I just shut myself away from the outside world because I needed space and time to breathe.

But now it’s finally finished and it feels like home…each room being decorated uniquely and being fit for purpose…

So I thought I would share with you some pictures of my humble abode…

13820676_10154061246494597_1119789356_n      13815133_10154061247134597_1882109038_n

13817326_10154061246514597_700367526_n      13823643_10154061247224597_2091273868_n

13820782_10154061398144597_1411518451_n      13823131_10154061398344597_146715375_n

13844125_10154061398509597_865694763_o      13833456_10154061397884597_2072956402_o


P.S I also may have got myself three little kittens….pictures to follow shortly!


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