Moving Day

So you’ve finally found your dream home and now it’s time for ‘Moving Day’…

This is how my recent move went down….having complained to certain internet and Sofa providers I managed to get my sofa’s delivered on my moving day and get the internet installed…how did I swing that one you ask…sheer bloody luck I think!

So alarm was set for 7:45am…..I woke up and turned on my mobile ready for a small doze….RING RING to my horror someone was calling me, I picked up the phone and in my manly morning voice tried to sound as awake as I could… was only the delivery driver with my sofa’s – “we will be with you in 20 mins” -SHIT!!!!!!!

I flew out of bed and down stairs to awaken the whole house and luckily my Dad was up and ready so he drove over to my new house to greet them….10 minutes later the driver rang again…to which I had to tell him someone was on their way…praying my Dad was not doing his usual 10 mph drive through Plymouth 🙂

Once the first drama was out of the way….the family drove on over to collect the van and then out to the unit storing a few pieces of furniture. We worked as a team and got everything in and not one argument was had…

Once we arrived at the new house we manoeuvred the furniture in and set off back to my Dads to collect the rest….unfortunately he lives up a set of steps which as time went by became our Everest…and you know what else the Sun decided to make an appearance so by the end of emptying his house of my stuff we were all looking rather sweaty and dishevelled.

Arriving at the new house our bodies had started to give up on us…claw hands were happening and the inevitable ‘over-tired giggles’ started to kick in…with every box we groaned and plodded to and fro carrying what we could.

We actually managed it all in only a few hours and even managed a quick trip to the shops in the afternoon….we gave each other a high five and as we all said goodbye the thought of bed was the only thing we cared about.

I ordered my mattress a bit late and so had to spend my ‘moving day’ night on a blow up bed provided by my wonderful sister (you will see why she is wonderful in a minute) so I bought a pump and started blowing it up…this wasn’t as painful as expected as now every muscle in my body had started to seize and I could barely make it up or down the stairs by this point….

Mattress looked great and as I pulled out the pump to my horror the stopper was nowhere to be seen!!!! Cursing my wonderful sister I thought if I left the pump in the air wouldn’t escape…oh how wrong was I?!

As I lowered myself onto the mattress I realised this wasn’t going to be an easy night…conscious of every movement I settled down to sleep…

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I awoke at 1:45pm to this horrendous sound and the whole mattress was deflating before my eyes!!

Exhausted I kick the pump off and settled for sleeping on the deflated mattress on the floor….not an experience I would recommend after a move!

But I made it through the night and then that was when the fun was about to begin – redecorating the house and buying all the furniture…



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