Oh The Joys Of House Hunting


Who knew finding a house to rent could be quite so stressful?! Well my friends I have just come out the other side of the house hunting hell…I made it through but not without a few bumps and bruises!

So not only do you spend hours trolling sites like Rightmove and Gumtree which I swear I could dictate word for word right now but also you have to deal with the incessant need for letting agents to call you up…..HELLO!! I specifically wrote in my email I am at work so don’t call me!! But no they call you anyway so when you leave work you have numerous voicemails to listen to….but not just the positive ones the ones who don’t have anything for you still feel the need to call?! WHAT?!!

So once you get over this you may find some you like….so you try and book some viewings…did you know that most letting agents start viewings at 10am and finish at 4:30pm – I mean how helpful could they be…its not like we all work these days! So its a Saturday viewing or nothing….so you arrange on Monday to view on Saturday to only go and find out on Tuesday its gone!

Sometimes you don’t even go through an agency so you meet the landlord face to face….GREAT!  So you put all your effort into looking nice…no messy hair or weekend casuals today! You try your hardest to make them like you…you are your honest slightly strange self but you know that most people love your family so what could go wrong…right?! Oh no you get a rejection text….we went with a young family who we felt would be more suited to our property…I’m sorry you want small children drawing on your walls, wrecking your house? WELL THATS FINE!! Don’t take it personally she said….well I’m sorry but I do….how could she not like us! The mean cow bag!

So after weeks of dealing with this roller coaster ride of emotion….the house turns up that is a bit more than you willing to pay…a bit bigger than you needed (but hey how helpful is two bathrooms) but when you walked in it felt like home and you know that is your home.

The art of house hunting is holding on and being prepared for a bumpy ride but at the end of all your hard work will pay off – you will find your home just like I have….then you just have to deal with the moving day…





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