Moaning Monday


So we all get that sinking feeling on Sunday night when you realize Monday is just around the corner. They don’t call it the ‘Monday Blues’ for nothing you know?!

So today I decided I needed to let off some steam and well you know have a little moan….

Hannah’s Monday Moans

Why can I only watch one episode of Game of Thrones a week…why can’t they release the whole series in one go- I HATE WAITING!!!

Why did the sun have to show its face for 1 mere second then bugger off again….I didn’t even get a chance to get my pasty white legs out!!

Why did my nice neighbor have to give me a box of celebrations to eat….now I can stop gorging on mini chocolates.

Why did it have to rain today…I’ve just my my hair cut and the mixture of rain and humidity did not help my new shorter do.

Why did I not eat of my weekend treats at the weekend…now I feel obliged to eat them which means me going full fat is extending into weekdays.

and finally…

Why can’t I find the perfect house to rent…I can’t be that much of a house snob can I?!


Anyone else need to let off some steam….let it rip people!!



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