News Flash – Look Who’s Arrived…

Have you seen…have you heard??? Of course you have people the SUN is here!!!

That means…

Legs out, arms out and men yep its tops off time!!

Slap that fake tan on…here there and everywhere…oompa lumpa look here we come!

Sandals and flip flops are the go to footwear…oh crap our feet haven’t been exposed for a while!!

Right grab the nail varnish and quickly paint your toe nails…that will hide any crap for a bit!

Mini shorts are everyone’s best friend…tank tops…bellies out…we don’t care the SUN has arrived!

Primarni on a daily basis looks like it has been raided….we need everything…bikinis, shorts, hats, sunnies and oh a beach bag!!

So what’s next now we look ready for the summer minus the tan…oh yes its BBQ time!

Load up the trollies at the supermarket with the fodder and alcohol….who cares if its all bad for you…your still pretty chubs now anyways…bring on the grub!

Forget those cardigans ladies who needs them?! We sure don’t!


Oh shit its raining….it’s gone cold!!!

Well it is England!

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