14 Signs You’re Getting Older


1. You can’t sit cross legged for more than a minute before feeling crippled and can’t walk.

2. You’re excited by home wares and garden things!!

3. Your Mecca has changed from your favourite clothes shops to IKEA!! All hail the meatballs!!

4. You don’t go clubbing any more…the only club you’re familiar with is the chocolate kind.

5. You now realize how gross fizzy drinks are and wonder why you ever drank them.

6. You start to watch what you eat because your metabolism has slowed right down.

7. You notice these odd lines appearing on your face…

8. Naps come back into your life…oh glorious nap time!

9. You can’t fritter money away like you used to….what no takeaway this week?!

10. You buy things that will last instead of cheap tat.

11. Your favourite thing to do now is getting home and throwing on your jammies!

12. Your conversations have changed from what’s happening in Hollyoaks to politics and real world issues.

13. You have become the person who takes a canvas shopper when you go shopping on the high street because the 5p charge is ridiculous!

14. Finally…You regularly pipe up with ‘Back in my day…’ or ‘I remember when…’


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