Hannah’s Handbag Essentials

So if any of you are like me then I like to be prepared for any situation…this is where my handbag comes in. You will rarely see me out and about with a small handbag which only fits my purse, phone and keys in – my bags are big and full to the brim with ‘Hannah’s Handbag Essentials’…

Not all the items listed below can be found in my handbag at the moment but I got a bit too excited writing this post and so I guess now I need to go shopping 🙂

Hand Sanitizer – because you know germs live on taps and toilet doors.

Body Spray – for those Sweaty Betty moments.

Hand Cream – People with dry skin will relate to this one….no one wants their paws looking like dry and flaky!

Mirror – Standard

Mini Hair Brush – Come rain or shine the great British weather will usually find a way to mess your hair up during the day.

Nail Files – Come on ladies no one likes breaking a nail and then repeatedly catching it on everything…clothes, hair, face….just file the bugger!

Paracetamol – For those ‘work headaches’ we are all prone to getting.

Plasters – Ooh new shoes? Oh yes we have all been the idiot parading around in our new shoes without having worn them in!

Mini Clothes Lint Roller – this I realised was an essential just recently…black trousers covered in  fluff from my coat, chair, dust and god knows what else and that was only after having worn them for an hour!

Back Up Make Up – Yes I have been that person sitting on the bus who then catches a glimpse of myself and realise I haven’t actually finished doing my make up…yep eye-liner on but no mascara!

Lip Balm – I cannot live without this and but I can’t be dealing with those ones you apply with your finger…I don’t want that crap up my nails. I hate having dry lips and its a nice natural looking replacement for lip gloss.

Pen and Mini Notebook – For me I get inspiration for writing anywhere…on the bus, in a shop so I like to be able to write down my ideas and its also helpful if you are a  list person!

Baby Wipes – A mini pouch obviously but sometimes your out and they have run out of napkins and you have tomato sauce smeared on your face/top or you might be like me and be the person who cleans their table at a cafe before sitting down 🙂

and finally…

Chewing Gum – Because sometimes you can’t resist eating those packet or cheese and onion crisps and you need to be prepared for anything to happen!

So there you have it….I may need a bigger handbag by the time I’m finished!

Anyone got any handbag essentials I have missed out or that they would like to share?



2 thoughts on “Hannah’s Handbag Essentials

  1. gemmaclarke2405 says:

    Hey Hannah, great post 🙂 due to the 5p plastic carrier bag charge, I now like to carry a canvas shopper bag that I can easily fold up and keep in my handbag 🙂 I just did a post on what your handbag says about you and looking at your list, I think you could be a just-in-caser which is someone who likes to be prepared for any event xx

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