Stuck in a Style Rut

At the moment I find myself at the stage in my life where I’m questioning all my fashion choices….

Can I still pull off a crop top?

Are these jeans too patterned?

Is this top too tight?

Does this style of jean suit me?

This list is endless and it’s driving me a little bit crazy!

I sometimes think it’s easier when you’re  younger and slimmer. You can just waltz into Topshop or New Look and throw something on and look amazing and have done with it…nowadays it’s not that easy or maybe I’m just more fussy than I was.

I was known to rock a lilac army print maxi skirt and lime green fleece back in the day…although there isn’t any photographic evidence of this so I try to deny all knowledge!

So I sit here wondering is it me or is it what is out there on offer…well I’m blaming the shops! Everything is cropped, tight, really baggy or just gross!

Dresses have cut outs here there and everywhere and to be honest I don’t want my back fat popping out and saying hello to the world!

There are trousers like ¾ length jammies…which only lets be honest models can pull off!

T-shirts are either skin tight – not forgiving or seriously baggy to which I end up looking like a heffalump! And don’t get me started on crop tops…I’m not 10 years old any more I cannot and will not pull these bad boys off!

Shoes are killing me I want comfy but stylish….and not bloody suede – I live in rainy old England!!

But in all seriousness I kind of think its me…I’m growing up!! I now try dresses on and question their length…in the good old days I wouldn’t have cared but now I think to myself I need to dress my age…..AND I’m only 24!!

But of course that doesn’t mean I have to look like some frumpy old bag lady-hell no! I just am more selective about what I choose and I’m more conscious of my money so that plays a part. I do find shopping more difficult nowadays. I usually moan my way round the H&M young person section…crop tops, see-through tops, high waisted, crazy prints….where’s the normal basic t-shirt that won’t show off my bra to the world?!

However as I am writing this I think back to my road trip to London in January when one went a little bit crazy with her spending and came home with quite a few treats…but it was the January sales so that doesn’t count right?!

Any ways my point is I am struggling with finding my adult style, there is a part of me that wants to rock that unicorn t-shirt, jeans and trainers but then I have to go and be ‘Work Hannah’ a semi-sensible lady…maybe I should keep the t-shirt for ‘Weekend at Home Hannah’?

So I guess as we get older we do change…our hair styles become more sensible and manageable, our hair becomes more natural (Oh hello grey hairs) and our style becomes more grown up…we wear smart clothes to work and when we are home we either fling on our comfies or have a few well and trusted ‘weekend outfits’.

But we still need to remember that personal style can shine through any outfit…I happen to think I am the queen of comfies when I get home…I know how to do comfy wear!




3 thoughts on “Stuck in a Style Rut

  1. Reeanna Lynn says:

    I am going through the exact same style rut! I love the ending quote though–be your own kind of beautiful. Definitely I needed that today. Instead of trying to be our former selves we can embrace the beauty in where we are at now and find a way to make it stylish and sexy. Thanks for the insight. So happy I’m not alone in this! xx

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