I Remember…


I remember when…

You could get a bar of chocolate and bag of crisps for 50p!

You only got 20 minutes to play on the internet.

DVDs and Videos were rented from your local store to watch on the weekend.

Fizzy drinks were a real treat.

We played outside climbing trees in our own imaginary world not online.

We never had mobiles…when they came they were huge and we shared them with siblings and only used them for emergencies.

Parents were respected and we would never back chat them.

Birthdays meant choosing the day trip and the food we ate.

Days out to theme parks or the cinema were the occasional treat but we saved for them.

We loved Panda Pops!

Gladiators and Top of the Pops were weekend favourites.

We recorded our favourite songs from the Radio 1 Chart Show on cassette tapes.

Hair Straighteners were a myth.

We played Pogs for hours.

We never obsessed about our weight…we were happy being us.

We were the Harry Potter generation and waited in queues for hours to get the new books.

We read Biff, Chip and Kipper at school.

But most importantly we were happy just being kids…plain and simple no fancy technology,games or social media tainted us.

We were the last generation before everything got that little bit more complicated…







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