Oh The Joy Of Cleaning The House


So let’s be honest this chore is not the most fun thing to do but we actually get more out of it than we like to admit.

You start all enthusiastic. Starting with the bedrooms…quick little dust…Oh why do I have so many photos on the wall that are covered in dust and Oh yes and there’s another tea light to clean…finally one room down but wait we need to clean the mirrors…quick spray and wipe and we’re done!

Next room is a lot less cluttered and takes only a few minutes unless your having one of those days and as your cleaning the side all of the cosmetics decide it’s time to jump off…Crap! Picking them all up you try desperately to remember where everything went but in the end you just place them all nice and neat and hope that no one will notice!

Now time for the dreaded bathroom…this always need a little bit of extra TLC. Spraying everywhere, anti bac wipes flying around and toilet cleaner by the bucket load down the bowl you think you may have been a bit eager beaver. Eyes stinging, struggling to breathe you realise it’s time to open the window.  You finish up the bathroom quick as you can and leave feeling slightly light headed…

Rushing downstairs we hit the lounge as its quick and simple…quick spray around…this is going well…a little bit too well you think…

As you enter the kitchen…”What sod hasn’t done the morning dishes?! Right let’s do that first…oh and now I have to dry it all up so its looks tidy”. Crisis averted. You now run a sink of hot soapy water and begin with spraying the sides down. Sometimes I can get a little bit carried away and start looking where one shouldn’t and that’s when to my shock horror comes…”How disgustingly dirty is it up there?!”  Another 20 minutes wasted scrubbing years old dust from the highest cupboard (NOTE TO SELF: Don’t look on top of cupboards for at least another 6 months).

I work my way round the kitchen systematically…usually knocking the fruit bowl flying from time to time….wait little oranges!!  Wiping the sides down I then hit the cupboards and usually end up cursing the messy bugger who has managed to have a food explosion down the cupboard and didn’t clear it up. Finally the end is in sight….quickly wash the floor and then it’s only the hoovering left to do…

This can take me around 40 minutes for the whole house and I use it as my cardio because I’m the girl who hates exercise and loves food so I compromise 😉

I start with the easy rooms then have to deal with the thick pile rugs…oh yes there’s two of these bad boys in my house. With every movement I hear little bits of food flying up the hoover pipe…oddly I get great satisfaction out of hearing this.

Next up is the stairs. I have two sets…one small and one long. The small set is easy I’m laughing my way to the top…

Now for the long set…here I go…

PLEASE NOTE: My hoover is called James so when I refer to this name I am not man handling a poor guy up the stairs and making him clean my floors.

As I carry James up each stair my arms begin to ache…sweat droplets are forming on my face and my hair is expanding with the humidity…I see the end in sight but wait I’m now tangled in the wire…the aching continues until I reach the top when I am greeted by my own reflection in the mirror…”Oh God…thank the lord no one has seen you Hannah!!”

Now the bedrooms…I spend a good amount of time on these rooms as well I have dry skin so ‘Hello snow storm!’ and my Sister well her hair is literally all over the place I may start collating it all to sell as a wig on Ebay (NOTE TO SELF: Maybe use this idea when times are really tough…don’t want people thinking we are strange). Wooohoo I’ve done it. I have successfully cleaned the house from top to bottom and its looking pretty good if I do say so myself!

Wait…what’s that I hear…people are home…I rush downstairs to greet then… Oh Hello dirt on my nice new clean floor!!

“Oh the joy of cleaning the house!”



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