Words To Live By

Yes its true…I am one of those people who can’t get enough of quotes. My home is filled with words of inspiration on the walls and shelves and well my Pinterest account Is over flowing. Sometimes reading a quote can make you feel not so alone, that someone else has felt like this. But also every quote is interpreted differently by the individual, making them unique to everyone one. I have chosen a few to share with you that have important meanings to me…


A few years back I was having a difficult time with my life and one morning a card arrived at my door with this quote on…It made me smile instantly and let me know that people cared about me and that I was going to be OK.


This bad boy was the motto of a family business I was a part of…it not only encapsulated  the idea of the business of selling things that were unique and different, but also myself and my family, because we are different than other people and that is what makes us special and irreplaceable.


I love this quote because its very true…life is all about taking that first step because without it we would never move forward with our lives.


When I was younger I imagined my life to be simple; go to university, get a job, then get married and have children….now I have realised that life isn’t that simple…we take different routes, we make different decisions and we don’t always end up where we thought we would…I expect if we asked the person in the room with us now where did they see themselves being at this age when they were 10 years younger if would be completely different.


This quote was passed to me by family who said it summed me up…compliment…I’m not sure! But people do always think I’m shy because I’m quiet and don’t feel the need to fill every silence and most of the time yes I am silently judging others…


Well…because who doesn’t love a bit of Dory and Finding Nemo!


Now these ones below I’m not sure if they are real quotes said by some philosophical person or just something our family has thrown together but these are our family quotes and motto’s…

“We Can Rebuild”

We have moved house, changed counties, changed jobs and our dreams but we always know that life can be rebuilt because we are living proof of this.

“No journey is a wasted journey”

This one usually comes out when we moving house and refers to taking boxes and furniture up and down stairs…even if you can only manage a small box because its 3am in the morning and your knackered with a house move…no journey is ever wasted.

“Go hard or go home”

A motto for the situations like a London shopping trip….entering Bristol Primarni….hitting up an all you can eat buffet or just devouring the large quantity of snacks we have purchased for a Saturday movie night.

If you have got any personal quotes that you would like to share…then please leave a comment below 🙂


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