Today it is International Women’s Day…a day to celebrate all the women in the world and the reasons why we are so bloody marvellous. I am very fortunate to have three amazing women in my life. They are not only my family but my also my best friends…they are always there for me-good days and bad. They make me laugh, they make me cry but most importantly they love me and I love them.

So who are these ‘Wonder Women’ you ask??


My mother, my best friend, my little Sally

225599_10150166403281688_2028725_n   11188290_10153023016449597_1219909183833427497_n

She taught me to be a strong and independent woman.

She listens and doesn’t judge.

She is always up for an adventure.

She loves with every inch of her soul.

She taught me you’re never too old to dream and certainly never too old to achieve your dreams.

She is an inspiration to anyone she meets because she is the most wonderful, beautiful, amazing woman you will ever know.


My sister, my best friend, my ray of sunshine

255423_10150820855486688_846429198_n 11924226_10153334482799597_973047639447757240_n

She never lets things get her down.

She always has a smile on her face.

She is easy going and kind spirited.

She is always there when you need her.

She would do anything for her family.

She is beautiful and funny and the one who your most likely to get into trouble with.


My sister, my best friend, my little Betty

1180 10502012_10152759056532018_4095691232036432756_n

She is hard-working and gives everything 110%.

She unleashes my crazy and indulges it with hers.

She could rule the world if given the chance.

She has the most beautiful soul.

She can talk for England…never a moment of silence.

She’s a dreamer, a believer and an achiever.

So there you have it I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by three very unique women. These ladies are inspirations to me…everything they have achieved and accomplished throughout their lives is incredible and I feel very lucky to be able to call them family.

Love you Girlies!



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