10 Reasons Why Mums Are So Special


So today is Mothers Day-the one day of the year when she doesn’t have to do anything…no cleaning, no cooking or making cups of tea…it’s a day for her to sit back relax and be spoilt.

I got thinking today whilst spending my time showering my Mum in love and hugs what makes a ‘Mum’ so special…because they are…they have these special powers that we can’t quite understand I guess until we are mothers ourselves.  So I compiled a list of ten things that make Mothers so special and unique human beings….

1 .’A Mother’s Hug’…you can’t beat this. A hug from your Mother makes you feel protected in that moment and that everything will be OK. You resort back to being little again and in that moment your Mother has made everything feel OK again.

2. ‘A Mother’s Advice’…they know pretty much everything – even when it hasn’t happened to them they have enough wisdom to share with you that gives you all the advice you need and want.

3. ‘A Mother’s Telling Off’…Yes you’re a 25 year old woman now but still if you get told off, you know she means it. She has that power, and you know not to mess with her.

4. ‘A Mother’s Honesty’…you always get this from her even when it’s not what you want to hear – ”what do you mean this outfit makes me look a bit chubs?!”.  As she taught you-honesty is the best policy and she will always tell you the honest and sometimes brutal truth.

5. ‘A Mother’s Meal’…we all have that one meal you could never replicate because it’s your Mum’s recipe and it always tastes better when she cooks it. How does she do it-it must be her Mother Magic at work again!

6. ‘A Mother’s Love’…I don’t know if this because they start being a parent from the very go, carrying you around 9 months prior to you entering the world but a mothers love is unique and like no other.

7. ‘A Mother’s Sixth Sense’…it can be from a quick glance or a short conversation but Mothers know when something is on your mind or something isn’t quite right.

8. ‘A Mother’s Handbag’…have you ever noticed that she carries pretty much everything in her handbag -mini screw driver, spare keys-you name it she is always prepared for anything.

9. ‘A Mother’s Patience’…whether you’re learning something new, crying your heart out or telling a story-your Mum always knows that patience is key and to let you go at your own pace.

10 ‘A Mother’s Sacrifice’…she had to stop working, you became the centre of her world, she suffered sleepless nights, she cried for you and with you, she felt your pain and she carried you longer than 9 months but she would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mums out there!


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