10 of Life’s Little Lessons


So I am 25 years old this year…I have had many wonderful jobs over the years, completed a Psychology degree, set up retail businesses and even travelled the world-But I have still had a few wobbles over the years…cried too many tears over silly things…made scary life decisions and lost many nights sleeps over worrying. Through it all I have learnt many things about life and although I still am and probably will still be having ‘wobbles’ until I’m old and grey I like to believe that these things I have learnt have helped me and when these ‘wobbles’ happen again they can guide me through them…

  1. Life is a journey and we all take different routes and yes some are bumpier than others.

2. Everyone goes at their own pace.

3. Social media lies…you can Photoshop your life to only showcase the good bits…so stop comparing your life to others.

4. You are your own worst enemy…you are the only person who looks at your life and thinks it doesn’t look great or you’ve made too many mistakes.

5. Achievements in life are personal…for some people it’s getting married for others it’s landing their dream job and for some it’s simply living a life that makes them feel happy inside.

6. If people your around make you feel bad about your life choices they aren’t good people to have in your life…you should never apologise for a job you have, a boyfriend you haven’t got or a choice you’ve made if that decision was best for you at that time.

7. It’s OK to put yourself first…sometimes you have to, you can’t please everyone all day every day.

8. Being happy with yourself and your life does take work…sometimes it can take you a lifetime.

9. A strong person isn’t someone who never shows emotion or that times are hard, a strong person is someone who can accept these times, battle through them and come out fighting the other side.

10. “Everything will be OK in the end, if it’s not OK, it’s not the end”

Anyone like to share their pearls of wisdom?


5 thoughts on “10 of Life’s Little Lessons

  1. Paul says:

    If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.
    Very thought provoking so thank you for that.

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