6 Ways to Kick Back & Relax

Get Your Bake On

As you have probably noticed from my HUNGRY HANNAH posts I love to bake and then consume my baked goods…baking is something that is a little bit creative, gives you a sense of achievement and usually is bloody delicious!

Do Some Colouring In

I’m probably a bit late to the party on this one but recently I bought myself a colouring book and then some snazzy colouring pencils…to which I then realized I needed more colours!! So second trip to the supermarket and came back with an array of sparkling new pencils…I didn’t realize how relaxing colouring in would be but to sit in silence letting your thoughts take over and then guess what…you get a pretty picture at the end of it! I did start to get slightly OCD about the pictures though and started panicking mine wouldn’t look good because ‘Oh look I’ve used green and pink together and they don’t go?!’  But I soon got over that…

Try and Solve an 1000 Piece Puzzle

An old school one which many will turn their noses up at but I love doing a good puzzle…yes it takes a few days to complete but as your sorting the pieces out and finding the right shapes it does relax you and take you mind off your worries of day to day life…Everyday I’m Puzzlin’…Puzzlin’…Puzzlin’.

Watch a TV Show

Most people can relate to this one…we all love watching a TV show and getting lost in their world. The same goes for me but recently instead of the usual which I do still love I have got into watching TV shows with subtitles….a little bit more effort but really bloody good shows! The best so far are The Killing, The Bridge and last night I started Trapped an Icelandic show on BBC4.

Read a Book

For me reading will never be from a kindle or tablet it has to be from the real deal…the paper version…the book…I love reading-it’s very much like watching a show you get drawn into the story and for that time your mind is away and all you can think is what’s going to happen next. My favourite authors at the moment Philippa Gregory and Sophie Hannah.

Go For a Walk

Yes its cold at the moment but once your wrapped up warm the cold doesn’t matter any more…recently I went to the beach to collect shells….yes something we all probably did throughout are childhood but even now I still get great satisfaction out of it…the sea air blows away your cobwebs and you just enjoy being in that moment and to top it off you get pretty shells at the end of it.


So there’s a few ideas from me…care to share ways in which you relax and unwind?


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