Things no one warns you about…being an Auntie


  1. You have to deal with poop filled nappies…and when you’re not used to this it’s a traumatic event …as my sister likes to say ‘where’s the gloves?’

2. You have to put up with insults…stinky, fat, ugly, big bum the list goes on…

3. When you offer to babysit for one night…it takes you the week to recover…its worse than one night out and the two day hangover that usually follows.

4. You become a giant bean bag that has no feeling…but be cautious if you retaliate…they bruise like a peach!

5. They expect you to come up with games to amuse them for hours…’monster’ and ‘training to be Ninjas’ are some trusted favourites but ‘sleeping lions’ I must say does not have the same effect-no thought for me…all I wanted was five minutes peace to rest my tired eyes.

   11953099_10153421258627702_2783304495363097412_n6. They constantly make noise from the minute they wake until the minute they pass out for sleep time…whether that be crying, moaning, questioning you…why? Why? But Why?

7. You have to be the grown up in the relationship…even when say your nephew poops himself out of excitement and all you want to do is howl with laughter as he’s being cleaned up whilst your other nephew is shouting “he’s pooped himself!!”  hysterically….no Hannah you must remain straight faced…it’s not funny…he’s only 7….don’t make it worse for him.

8. Children really like doing the same thing over and over again…I mean how many times can me burying them under cushions and squishing them really be that amusing?!

9. They expect you to not be afraid of anything…spiders…slides…climbing huge rocks….you have to really man up when the little sods are around!

11921809_10153416723077702_5926163915312299487_n10. They expect you to entertain them for hours on end, feed them and make the juice but when Mummy and Daddy arrive they run out the door excitedly with not so much as a kiss on the cheek…rude little sods!

On the plus side though…

  1. You get to be a big kid again…play Lego…watch kids TV….eat sweets all day…all without being judged-its great!

2. Nothing beats the feeling of being snuggled on the sofa with them watching a film…even if you have misjudged the situation…fluffy PJ’s + Dressing Gown + Blanket = Hello Sweaty and now the little buggers have fallen asleep on you…must not move…must not wake them!

3. They think pretty much everything you do is amazing…my stick men and questionable drawings of animals are always praised by the little munchkins 🙂

4. They are always happy and have such an untainted view of the world which leaves them without judgement and prejudice…something we all could learn from.

5. They love you no matter what…despite your flaws or short comings.



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