This Will Be My Year

So with a new year comes the age old tradition of New Years resolutions. You know those things we all write down in our neatest handwriting and love to tell others about but a week later we have probably broken one…usually the healthy eating one….you CAN have too much salad! We have probably decided one isn’t important anymore….one takes up too much of our ‘me’ time and one that was SO ridiculous…you were never going to become a circus entertainer and then make your millions and end up living in a huge mansion with your circus animal pals as your pets.

So I have decided to write some goals instead…things I hope to achieve, that are realistic and that aren’t too hard to get sorted.

Rebuild my wardrobe

I don’t mean it’s collapsed and I haven’t got around to hammering in some nails to hold it together….I recently went travelling and sold everything I own so now I need to rebuild/restock my wardrobe. Every girls dream you say…well actually it’s not. You not only have to buy basics…like the obligatory black strap top but also as you have nothing to go with anything every purchase you make has to be pretty thought out-not the best for miss indecisive over here. Last weekend I went to London to do some shopping and bought myself some clothes…got them home and realised I have nothing to go with them…although I am wondering whether this was a subconscious decision as now I need to buy more clothes to create said outfits.

14P14IBLK_large 36C05JKHA_large  

Get my blog back up and running

So this will be first post since 2013 a whopping 3 years ago…I kind of stopped suddenly for no apparent reason other than life got busier and my priorities changed. I have changed the name of the blog although I’m not entirely happy with it or the aesthetics of it but as I keep being told by numerous people it’s the content that counts not if it looks pretty! I am not saying I will post every day but I want to post as much as I can and write things that matter to me and be honest.


I have tried my hand at many things and haven’t really found my footing yet. I have never had a job that I could envision myself staying in for longer than a year or a job that I have had a true passion for. This year I hope to feel that I am going in the right direction. So far I know I would like to continue with a small business probably selling online and get my writing out there through my blog but also I want to submit articles to various places to get my voice heard.

IMG_0422 IMG_0426

Read more

I love reading but if I had to choose between a book and a TV series the TV always wins and  I have lots of books  for me to read patiently waiting their turn in my bookcase so this year I aim to read more.  My first books will be the ‘Maze Runner’ trilogy…now I’ve said it I can’t take it back!

Get Happy

I want to get to a place where I feel happy and I know that doesn’t mean everyday will be great and filled with lots of laughs but I need to focus more on the good things and moments in life and stop being such a negative Nigel.


I Love walking and living in Devon there is endless places to go for a walk so this year I want to get my butt outside more and get some fresh air and maybe burn off the extra Christmas chub I have put on.


Bake more

When Bake Off was on I really got into baking but then I got distracted and haven’t baked for ages. For Christmas I got some new baking books and I have already made some pistachio biscotti from the Paul Hollywood one so I am off to a good start!

Take more photos

Photos can do so many things for a person…they can spark a memory and conjure a feeling…I love looking through old photos so this year I want to take more photos …having said that the photos will probably not be of me but of places I’ve been to and things I’ve seen…a photo is a snap shot of a moment in time which you don’t want forget.


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