RIP New Girl


In the beginning New Girl literally made me laugh out loud, I loved all the characters especially Schmidt and was rooting for Nick and Jess to get together from the very beginning but something has changed…..

We see at the beginning of this series the tone take a huge turn, Schmidt usually the funniest character has become all depressed from his wrong doings. Yes he still makes the odd quip but his overall demeanour has really hit a low point.

Then we have Jess and Nick, I was one of the many fans who wanted them to be together but now they are, something just doesn’t work. The two of them are too wrapped up in their new relationship to actually carry a good storyline and amuse us viewers.

The only person who is holding this series together is surprisingly Winston. I have always liked him but he has had to really step up his game this series to carry the show whilst the others have their serious/boring life moments. The last episode with the cat brothel was a particular favourite! But is it fair to put such a huge weight on one man? The thing I liked about New Girl was that all the characters had their own story lines and each was funny in their own way. Now we have Jess and Nick living like a married couple and Schmidt who occasionally breaks out a joke but the undertone of his guilt is still there.

So will New Girl turn this around? Dare I say it but the Jess/Nick relationship I fear has to end, Schmidt has to get back to his best and Winston…well he’s doing fine. I regret to inform the writers that if changes aren’t made and it doesn’t resume to its laugh out loud days I may be switching off.

I long for the days of turning off after an episode with a grin on my face and singing the age old song “We built this Schmidty…we built this Schmidty on tootie roll!!!”


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