10 Things I Love about Everyday Life


So on Sunday it was my birthday and I was given the gift of a pin board, now I usually use Pinterest for my pin board of inspirations but my wonderful family made me one and bought me bits and bobs that I can put on it to change it around if I fancy. The picture above is what it looks like….

So one picture on it, is a piece that I have to write on….10 things I love about everyday life. I have decided to share it with you all….so here goes!

1.  I love the feeling of waking up one morning knowing its your day off and you can snooze until your hearts content.

2. I love watching box sets….whether its Sex and the City or Lost you can’t beat getting transported to another world.

3. I love when you meet a genuinely nice person who helps you out and never asks for anything in return and restores your faith in human nature.

4. I love sunny days (few and far in England).

5. I love the sound of the rain on your window when you lay in bed at night.

6. I love writing this blog, even though I’ve been slack lately I get so much pleasure seeing people ‘like’ it and knowing that they understood what I’ve felt or said.

7. I love savouries…there I’ve said it-I am a savouries addict. Anything from peanuts to crisps I will consume on mass, I can never get enough and could munch on snacks all day everyday!

8. I love my family and the fact that we are all so close….a friendship between family members makes it so much more special.

9. I love looking at pictures of cute animals….sad I know but I blame Pinterest…it started my addiction off and now I can’t stop….my Mum has now also started posting cute pictures on my Facebook wall so she is also to blame.

10. I love music….listening to it,dancing to it and making up my own crazy songs when I’m alone in the house.

There you have it my favourite things about life….feel free to share yours below 🙂


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