The Silent Killer:Job Rejections


So when life gives you lemons…you make lemonade right? So what if life gives us absolutely jack shit-how can you make something out of nothing.

Job hunting…we are all I expect some what familiar with this joy in life. Endless hours trawling the web, endless application forms filled out and millions of CV’s emailed.

This is the point that I am at with my life at the moment and just to clarify when the news reader says unemployment is bad-he’s not saying it as a joke….UNEMPLOYMENT IS BAD!!!

I have been looking whilst working for another job for a good six months of my life and I can tell you six months has felt like 6 years. I have probably submitted hundreds of applications and this is no exaggeration let me tell you. Now I’m not going to blow my own trumpet and preach to being amazing, skilled and one of the hardest workers in the world….but come on give a girl a break here!

So my experience is within the retail sector…I have worked with clothes,shoes and even jewellery. I also have set up and helped run two businesses….one a clothes shop and the other a vintage clothing company. So at the tender age of 21 I feel I have enough experience to warrant some sort of semi decent job or even just a job interview would be nice.

So with hundreds of applications, I expected some rejections yes but some interviews at least-have I had that….NO!

I have had literally three job interviews in the last 6 months….and the rejections I can’t even put a number down in fear of my emotions taking over and my beloved Toshy (my laptop) being assaulted.

The amount of rejections I have received is ridiculous….now I know unemployment is high and there are probably hundreds of others being rejected as much as me but that doesn’t stop me getting  frustrated and angry.

I have even dare I say it been rejected from my one true love ‘Primarni’ I mean come on if I can’t even get an interview there-is there any hope?!

Now I know what your thinking my CV and covering letter must be crap and I obviously can’t fill applications form out….but I can tell you now I am no moron..I can string a decent covering letter together and my CV compared to most my age is pretty good.

So what in the world is going on?

There are days when I dread  turning on my laptop in fear of seeing 1 new email….click to open…

Hi Hannah,

Thank you for your interest in ‘insert company name here’.

We have had thousands of applicants interested in this role and we can see that your blood,sweat and tears went into filling this application form out. However we feel that the other candidates who gave up limbs and their soul were more suited to the role. So it is with great regret, mainly for you as we don’t really give a shit that you have not been selected for an interview.

Thank you for your interest in ‘insert company name here’, and we wish you all the luck in the world with your job search-your going to need it!

Yours Sincerely,

The employed people of ‘insert company name here’.

I am sure that one day I will get that email that invites me to an interview, which in turn goes great and I end up happy and employed. However I can’t help but feel more beaten up each time a new rejection comes my way. I am a firm believer in ‘everything in life happens for a reason’ and ‘if its meant to be it will happen’….but what the hell is the reason behind all of this. Surely a few rejections are enough to toughen a girl up….unless my skin is being toughen to prepare me for my biggest challenge yet-I just hope I can tough it out long enough to see what that is.


2 thoughts on “The Silent Killer:Job Rejections

  1. Jo says:


    I know what you mean. Look for jobs where the advertiser is the employer, as with most other things, you will get a better result if you can cut out the middleman.

    Good luck


    • Style Me Senseless says:

      Luckily after hundreds of rejections my luck changed and from September I am again a working woman 🙂

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