How Writing an Essay is like Baking a Cake


So as you may or may not know I am currently studying for a Psychology degree. This week I had to do an essay for my child development module on peer and sibling interaction (sounds just as boring as it was I can assure you!). As I was writing I started to think about how much my attempt to put together a half decent essay was like baking  a cake….

So first of all before you embark on answering any essay question, you make notes. Thorough notes on all relevant topics that you may need in your essay. Maybe even a few extra notes in case you need to bulk up the word count-however I would not recommend adding extra ingredients when baking a cake this may be fatal and ruin the cake in the process.

So you’ve got your notes, now you need to make an essay plan. So like baking a cake you start with the first ingredient in your recipe and follow the steps. So intro, paragraph 1,2,3… and end with your conclusion.

Next you start with an introduction, then fill up a few paragraphs of info and then end with a conclusion. Like sieving flour into your mixture, this is your chance to add the extra notes you need to bulk up essay. However sometimes things don’t go to plan, mixing your ingredients to make a smooth batter isn’t always as easy as it seems. You didn’t cream all the butter and now you have small lumps, and you may have got bored sieving the flour and now there are flour lumps in the mixture too (Crap!). Similar things occur in a essay- bumps can start to appear…..trying to make a solid argument on a topic you don’t really have a clue on can cause you to waffle and add extra bits in and then cause your essay to end up a lumpy, gooey mess (Double Crap!!).

So you’ve written the essay, now its time to submit it. Like putting the cake in the oven, you carefully pour the ingredients into the tin and place it gently in the oven. You read through the essay checking the spelling-there always going to be a mistake hidden in there somewhere. After you’ve checked you press the send button.

Now the waiting game….

The cake may only take 30 minutes to bake but to get your essay back could take around two weeks…thank god you don’t have to wait that long for some cake!

Now once the waiting is over you are left with two outcomes….the cake has risen and looks bloody marvellous and of course tasty or the bugger hasn’t risen, and is a complete disaster!

The same applies to an essay….you get a great score or you get a bad score. But no matter what score you get, its the feedback that’s important…the same with a cake if your kind enough to be sharing it with others.

Now you can see  how writing an essay is like baking a cake.

I’m still waiting for my cake to cook in the oven-will it rise or sink in the middle? That’s the question on my mind.


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