Cannes Film Festival Best Dressed Ladies

So another one bites the dust and even though we had to deal with down pours of rain and unfortunate underwear flashing the fashion as per usual was amazing! The leading lady for me had to be Nicole Kidman….

article-0-1A0451F2000005DC-866_634x944    nicole-kidman_vogue_20may13_rex_b_426x639

nicole-kidman-2_vogue_24may13_pa_b_426x639    Nicole-Kidman-Vogue-14May13-Rex_b_426x639_1

 nicole-kidman-vogue-15may13-pa_b_426x639    nicole-kidman-vogue-16may13-rex_b_426x639

Marion Cotillard came in a close second…

article-2330517-19FB5C71000005DC-690_306x636    marion-cotillard-vogue-17may13-getty_b_426x639

Marion-Cotillard-Vogue-21May13-Rex_b_426x639    marion-cotillard-vogue-24may13-pa_b_426x639

Then in third there was Jessica Chastain…

Jessica-Chastain_Vogue_22May2013_rex_b_426x639    jessica-chastain_vogue_24may13_rex_b_426x639

Jessica-Chastain-Vogue-20May13-Getty_b_426x639    Jessica-Chastain-Vogue-23May13-Rex_b_426x639

These weren’t the only ladies however who wowed the crowds, here’s a few more dresses that caught my eye!

Dita-Von-Teese_Vogue_22May2013_rex_b_426x639    Emma-Watson-Vogue-17May13-PA_b_426x639

Freida-Pinto-Vogue-17May13-PA_b_426x639    jessica-biel_vogue_20may13_rex_b_426x639

Kristin-Scott-Thomas-Vogue-23May13-Rex_b_426x639    Zoe-Saldana2-Vogue-20May13-Rex_b_426x639

On second thoughts there were so many amazing dresses worn to this years festival I couldn’t possibility fit them all in one post!



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