The 7 Minute Workout Review


Can you really do a workout for 7 minutes and get yourself a bikini body?

Well according to a new workout it may be possible…the 7 minute workout involves 12 exercises all done for 30 seconds each with a 10 second break in between. The exercises are…

1. Jumping jacks

2. Wall sit

3. Push ups

4. Abdominal crunch

5. Step onto a chair

6. Squats

7. Tricep dips on a chair

8. Plank

9. High knees

10. Lunge

11. Push up and rotation

12. Side plank

So it was a Sunday afternoon and I was having a quick browse on the internet waiting for my bath to run when I came across this workout. I though why not give it a go….my bath is so huge it takes a good 20 minutes to fill up so I’ve got some time.

Now I am not a gym bunny or remotely exercise savvy so I was wearing my comfies and I did it on a hard wooden floor….not the best idea I know. So I got my stop watch ready and began…

1. Jumping jacks….easy enough although I wasn’t wearing a bra, now although I don’t have the biggest boobs you ladies know braless boobies and jumping up and down isn’t fun!

2. Wall sit….now they say the pain should be an 8 out of 10 to reap the benefits which I was at however I was wearing socks….socks and wood flooring….hello slippery Joe! Its was a miracle I managed to last 30 seconds without sliding off the wall.

3. Push ups…now this exercise I was fine at, I did the man version and was quite pleased….granted I only did like 3.

4. Abdominal crunch…again I was fine with this only problem was the wood floor so my back and upper butt were in slight pain afterwards.

5. Step onto a chair…this was quite fun actually I went from being an average sized me to the bfg! Again with my socks I did have to concentrate and not get too cocky to avoid an accident.

6. Squats…I’ve got these bad boys down to a T so no worries there!

7. Tricep dips….arms burnt a lot doing these but I managed quite a few.

8. Plank….not my favourite exercise but it works and my god it burned!

9. High Knees….again booby issues arose and on wooden flooring I sounded like a horse galloping but hey if that’s what it takes to get a beach body- A horse I shall be!

10. Lunge….easy peasy given the small area I assigned myself.

Now this is where I hit a road block…..

11. Push up and rotation….OK who the hell can do this! first off its hard enough doing one press up with my weak arms but then heaving my whole body on one poor arm-I don’t think so!

12. Side plank….again its your whole bodies weight on one poor little arm, I tried for like 2 seconds but arm a  quivering I had to give up.

Now your thinking come one woman how did you feel??

Well I wasn’t sweaty which I always associate with  a good workout but my heart was racing for quite a while afterwards…..and the next morning one thigh felt like I pulled a muscle-result it must have worked!

So do I reckon this workout could help me get myself beach body ready…..maybe if you did it twice everyday, eating only lettuce and having no snacks! Unfortuantly I think its going to take more than 7 minutes to get my ass into shape!

Anyone got any workout recommendations?


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