Met Ball 2013: You Got Punk’d

The other night was the Met Ball, held every year to celebrate the annual opening of the Metropolitan Museum’s fashion exhibit at the Costume Institute. It is said to be the best red carpet event for fashion and rivals the Vanity Fair Oscar party. Each year there is a theme, this year it was punk….what could go wrong-right?

First off we have Madonna…I am not a fan of hers at the best of times, my view tends to be that she is getting too old to be gyrating on stage and wearing next to nothing. But this outfit took things to a whole new level. Yes she embraced the theme I can’t mark her down for effort but my god what was she thinking?! Words cannot really describe this outfit choice and so I will  leave you with this picture of her and let you decide for yourselves.


Next on the ‘WTF?! List’ is Miley Cyrus….again not a fan of hers and to be honest her hair cut creeps me out on a normal day but what was she thinking last night?  Her hair looks as though she stuck her finger in a socket and electrocuted herself  then there’s the dress, OK she did stick to the punk theme but she looks bloody awful….fishnets on legs is bad enough but a whole dress-really Marc Jacobs was that necessary?


Now this hurts me to write this but Sarah Jessica Parker has also unfortuantly made it onto my list. The dress itself would have been fine but she went OTT with the hat-granted it worked with the theme. But my biggest hate is those awful boots she was wearing, way to go ruin a good dress SJP.

P.S.  your pants are on show!


Oh Anne I can tell you why people hate you…you make bad fashion choices. The dress is awful, I’m not sure if its supposed to be a new kind of animal print and am I supposed to be able to make out her boobs? Then I’m confronted with these feathers sprouting at her wrists. All in all a crap choice…then there’s her hair I’m not sure if I like it or not I think I’m still confused with the dress to have an opinion at this time


Last but by certainly no means least was Lily Cole, such a beautiful woman and on her way to the Met Ball was savagely dragged through a bush backwards, had water thrown on her hair with some kind of weird dye in it and then forced into a horror of a dress. Just take a look below and see for yourselves.


Yes these weren’t the only bad fashion choices made at lasts nights Met Ball but I will get onto them a bit later….Now for the people who took the theme and owned it!

First up Christina Ricci, wearing a tartan dress by Vivienne Westwood. Love the dress, great outfit!


Next I loved Katy Perry’s outfit, the dress was by Dolce and Gabbana and was really unusual which is probably why I liked it- could have been a different length though either shorter or longer I’m not a fan of midi length dresses. Then she topped the look with a crown….owned it!


Rarely making a fashion faux pas Florence Welch is on my best dressed list. Wearing a black Givency dress, Florence definitely nailed the punk theme and managed to look drop dead gorgeous (take note ladies…)


Next up are two models….Cara Delevingne and Doutzen Kroes. Cara wore a Thakoon dress and as she does in all her campaigns looked flawless and worked the theme. Doutzen opted for a dress by Theyskens’ Theory. Not your typical punk look but included elements of punk and looked gorgeous.

article-2320469-19A75BAF000005DC-626_964x1157    article-2320469-19A714CD000005DC-628_470x903

She may have a bit of a crazy fashion sense but you’ve got to love her, sticking to the punk theme and nailing it Paloma Faith looked amazing in this Michael Cinco gown.


So as I wrote earlier some people still managed to F**k up even without trying to incorporate the theme…’s a few of my worst dressed.

Oh Kimmie you no the rule don’t match your shoes, dress and gloves….someone please get the woman a stylist with style (surely that cant be too hard to find?)


Hands down one of the most beautiful women in the world…so how could you wear something that was this awful…come on Beyonce…your supposed to be Queen B you should have nailed the punk theme!


Seriously ladies…I am looking at a tie dye horror, some kind of bird wings on boobs situation, Nicki I cant even fathomed what the hell you were thinking paying homage to Christina Aguilera’s hair in the Lady Marmalade video. Claire that is such a boring choice, I don’t even have anything else to say about it. Lily, Halloween is in October not May. Ginnifer those eyes are….well I just cant quite understand what you were thinking and that dress is so ugly to say the least.  And finally Diane… I’m actually quite upset  that you would let me down like this. All those red carpet events you look incredible at and then the biggest fashion event of the year you go and pull a stunt like this.

article-2320469-19A6CC5B000005DC-490_470x914 article-2320469-19A6CFA9000005DC-870_470x894 article-2320469-19A6EBD5000005DC-328_310x766 article-2320469-19A7EC5C000005DC-533_310x786 article-2320469-19A70B16000005DC-550_470x857 article-2320469-19A73B3F000005DC-394_310x844 article-2320469-19A74FB8000005DC-532_470x892

And then there were those who looked amazing taking elements of punk for inspiration or just ignoring it altogether.

Costume Institute Gala Benefit celebrating the Punk: Chaos To Couture exhibition, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, America - 06 May 2013 Pic: David Fisher/ Rex Features article-2320469-19A6C32A000005DC-534_470x896 article-2320469-19A6C443000005DC-945_470x964 article-2320469-19A6CD0E000005DC-715_470x951 article-2320469-19A69BBD000005DC-559_470x832

So another successful Met Ball over and done with…..and as I wait patiently for the next big fashion event I wonder to myself do these ladies really have stylist telling them they look good in some of these outfits….how did these people  even get to be stylists…or maybe its the celebs themselves choosing these monstrosities to get more attention, they do say ‘any press is good press’.


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