Ready For The Sun?


So its finally happened…the sun has got his butt out of the shade and is shining for us to see 🙂

But hold on…. because the weather has been so crappy I’m not ready!!

Firstly I haven’t spent months preparing my body for this!

I have been so slack with moisturising even the Garnier 7 day stuff isn’t working.

Action plan: Moisturise entire body at 2 hours intervals all day to combat my laziness.

Reality: this may be a problem at work and at night when I am sleeping. Every 2 hours may be a bit OTT, start with twice a day- much more realistic.

Next looking at myself in the mirror all I am seeing is a Cellulite Sally and Hello Mrs Thunder Thighs!! I’ve been eating for three lately and I’m definitely in no way ready for the world to see me in my summer attire.

Action plan: lettuce….for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Reality: OK so going cold turkey may not be the best way to start. So lets be realistic and stop eating all the junk food- no chocolate, crisps and my long term love popcorn ( maybe I could just have one bowl on Saturday night as a reward ).

Next step is exercise. My excuse is my house is too cold to put on my workout gear and so I can’t work out in my comfies-that would just be wrong!

Action plan: exercise 30 minutes a day 7 days a week….that could work right??

Reality: realisation of work, having a social life and my laziness combined its going to be more like 30 minutes twice a week- hey I don’t want to pull a muscle!

So now the only thing left to sort out is the fact that I am a fully fledged milk bottle.

Its time to decide whether I am going to go for the Tango can look or the lobster look….as soon as the sun hits me I start to burn and any fake tan seems to turn me into a oompa lumpa.

I thinks its time to embrace my paleness and maybe buy some moisturiser with a hint of self tan in-surely that wont turn me orange?

At last the preparation is complete…but lets be honest I haven’t started any prep yet and whilst I’m writing this I’m munching on a Kit Kat…. their motto is ‘Have a break…have a Kit Kat’ so I was just merely obliging.


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