A Problem Shared


OK so I know most people don’t talk about the things they hate the most about themselves or their biggest insecurities but I have to share mine otherwise I fear my family may finally snap and kick me out for moaning all the time. So here goes….I have the worst eye bags known to mankind…. OK slight exaggeration as I watched the TV yesterday and saw some really bad ones on a woman-but to me mine are.

I know they probably aren’t as obvious to others as they are to me although my sister does always agree when I point them out and continues with the line “I don’t know why they are so bad”.

Before I go on I’m going to stop you there…no I am not going to post a picture of these bad boys for you to see, a girls got to have some dignity-isn’t it enough that I’m sharing this with you?

So being the world we are today I got fed up and wanted to know what caused them and so googled it…some websites blamed allergies, colds, sinus infections. Others attributed them to eating a lot of salt, crying the night before and sleep deprivation.

So I sat back and gave myself time to look at my life….do I have any allergies, a cold or sinus infection? Ummm no. Do I eat a lot of salt before bed….some days I eat a packet of crisps before bed or munch some peanuts but it’s not like I consume the whole bottle of table salt before bed. Have I been crying at night…..no unless this is sleep crying which unless I video myself snoozing I cannot be entirely sure. Finally sleep deprivation…I am lucky enough to work in the afternoons so sleep deprivation is not something I am burdened with.

Right so that didn’t help one bit, I myself are completely not to blame for these unsightly eye baggies that bless my face.

My next step was to Google some solutions to help….after seeing the advert on TV I succumbed and bought the eye roll on from Garnier which has caffeine in it…..enjoyed rolling it on but did it help…nope!

Next I went on YouTube to view some videos and found some interesting tutorials on facial massages that could help reduce the eye bags….I got bored very quickly and still found no results.

Getting desperate I sliced some cucumber and placed them on my eye bags and waited….time ticked by and the cucumber started to turn warm and soggy…eye bags still present.

 I even tried the cold tea spoons and the green-tea tea bags but still the ever indestructible eye bags were still there.

So my next thought was maybe it’s the way I’m sleeping so one night I slept with just one pillow….no change. Then I decided that because one eye bag appears to be puffier than the other I should change the side I sleep on…this resulted in a restless night’s sleep as I became so nervous if I turned over and by the time morning came my eye bags had become worse due to the bad night’s sleep.

 So there you have it not only are they the most indestructible eye bags I and now you have ever known I also seem to have one eye that is puffier than the other…bloody marvellous hey. Not only do I have to cope with looking tired when I’m not but I seem to have one eye which wants to appear more tired than the other.

I am hoping you are reading this and feeling slightly better about any insecurity that you may have…feel free to share yours if you like.

 They say a problem shared is a problem halved….so I’m hoping that tomorrow I wake up with one totally bag less and non puffy eye! Here’s hoping any ways 🙂


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