Catching the Ebay Bug

Last week I decided it was time for a clear out, in prep for my around the world travelling adventure I have to get rid of most of my things and I need to make as much money as possible. So the best solution was to jump on board the Ebay train. Selling my items was sometimes exciting watching the bids creep up above the small sum of 99p, other times I found myself annoyed that I had got so little for something I thought was by any account a fashionable item of clothing. I listed over 70 items of clothes, shoes, jewellery and bags and still have many items yet to sell so the long hard slog is far from over. As a reward for being so good and de-cluttering my life I decided I would by myself a treat, because I had the Ebay bug I thought it would be the best place to find myself a bargain. Scrolling for hours through the clothing auctions I quickly became disheartened with the lack of clothing I would be interested in and the prices people were selling them at…and then the pain of adding the postage costs on top.

Suddenly a glimmering flicker of hope sprang up on my screen, the most beautiful and funky item of clothing my eyes had ever seen…..lilac sparkly jeans!! I checked the description, brand new without tags (good start), from Topshop (even better) and a size 10 (woop woop! at this point my little heart skipped a beat and I ran off to show my family my amazing find).


So I checked how long I had to go until the auction had ended…10 hours. That gave me enough time to decide whether I really would wear them and decide on how much my maximum bid would be. Nearing the final few hours I began to get panicky and so emailed the lady to see if she would offer me a buy it now price, unfortuantly she couldn’t and so I began to prep myself for what would become my greatest purchase. I decided that I would pay £15 for the jeans and waited until the last 20 minutes to enter my bid.

My first bid to suss out my fellow bidders went in at £5.00 and was quickly over taken by another bidder. As the end of time was looming I upped my bid to £12….at last it seemed I was in the front running. Feeling smug I had out bidded the others I began to feel safe…how wrong was I?!

I was outbid with 10 minutes to go…this is where my heart began to start racing….I would not lose these beauties to some unknown bidder! I kept increasing my bid until I came to my maximum of £15. I knew I couldn’t afford to go any higher no matter how much I wanted the jeans. I began to count the seconds down, slowly watching the price of the jeans jump up from £12.50 to £13 to £13.50….

The final seconds were nearing my heart now racing at a frantic beat….my palms were sweaty I began shouting profanities at the computer screen…I had  a picture of the other bidder some cow who was deliberately out bidding me, not really wanting the jeans but enjoying the stress she was putting me under…

5 seconds, 4 seconds, 3 seconds, 2 seconds, auction ended….

I WON!!!!!

The jeans were mine and under my budget, they came in at £14.50.

Although I won the best jeans in the world (title awarded by myself and other family members) I think Ebay should come with a health warning….NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED-MAY CAUSE  YOU SOME SERIOUS STRESS.

So my next step was to pay and now I am awaiting the arrival of the beauties, I also get a free gift of a Topshop nail varnish with my jeans-added bonus!


The last few days have entailed planning my outfits for when they finally arrive….I will share these with you guys in my next post. Feel free to offer my any tips on what you think I should wear my lilac sparkly jeans with 🙂


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