My Verdict on Rihanna’s River Island Collection…

Rihanna’s clothing collection for River Island for me is such a disappointment. The collection is so safe and boring.

Not only does it seem that she has got her inspiration from the Newlook basics range she then pops an extortionate price tag on the items. The t-shirts and crop tops come in at £20 a pop, and then there’s a crop jumper for £35 and to top it off you can buy a bog standard grey varsity jacket for a whopping £125! Way overpriced for such simple, plain items.

The items are only black, white, grey or navy with the odd pop of neon yellow (this being the only ‘out there’ thing about the collection), and have all been seen so many times before. Just by looking at River Islands website I can see many similar,cheaper items (see pictures below).

The only unique pieces are quite frankly more weird than anything….the jeans with the double top (not sure who is going to be able to pull them off apart from Rihanna herself) and then the skirt with a shirt sewn into it. Although quite funky I would of preferred the two items separately as together they limit the styling possibilities.

From the lady who is known for quirky, ‘out there’ fashion choices the collection does not seem to pay homage to this.  Although I can imagine Rihanna in many of the items, the collection for me is a disappointment. It’s over-priced and understyled. When Kate Moss designed her Topshops ranges although they were pricey she delivered with exceptional pieces….if going for a second collection Rihanna needs to take note from Miss Moss and up her game.

River Island grey tank top £10                          Rihanna grey tank top £20

631099_main           631279_rollover

River Island turtle neck crop top £16          Rihanna turtle neck crop top £35

  636318_main              631172_main



River Island grey crop sweatshirt £22              Rihanna grey crop sweatshirt £30

636689_main                      632473_main


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