First plus size fashion show at LFW…representing ‘real’ women??


Whilst reading last week’s issue of Look magazine I came across an article which caught my attention… ‘First plus size fashion show during LFW: A strut forward or a big step back. Here are my views…

Although I think it’s great that larger women are now being represented on the catwalks I do not feel they represent ‘real’ women.

Both thin catwalk models and plus size models are all tall women, the minimum height they can be is 5ft 7-and even that is considered short! Now the average height of a UK woman is around 5ft 4. So although these plus size women are representing the larger ladies, what about the ‘real’ women who are of average heights?

I would love to see a catwalk representing all women, of different shapes, sizes and heights. A catwalk collection in most cases does not suit only thin models or only plus size ladies. Many collections have items that would look great on say a pear shaped lady who is not very tall.

Look around you and see all the different women- all of differing heights, shapes and sizes-how great would it be to have them showcase fashion, a catwalk that truly represented ‘real’ women.

These catwalks may be the change the fashion industry needs, if a woman watches a show and sees a woman who is of similar height and weight to herself in a dress; they may be more likely to buy it, as they are seeing a true representation of what it would look like. A lot of women are put off clothes because all they ever see is young, thin, tall women wearing them on the catwalks.

I am a size 10 and 5ft 4, and I can vouch that when I see women on the catwalk wearing beautiful clothes I always say “oh that’s lovely, but it would never look that good on me”. Well what if we could see these clothes on women who are like us….I know that I would not only be more inclined to buy the clothes but I would feel a lot more positive about my own body image.

As women we constantly compare ourselves to others, and the fashion industry regularly comes under fire for only using thin women. This then leads to not only young girls but a lot of women feeling insecure about how they look, and wanting to be as thin as the models they see on catwalks or in magazines…So maybe it is time we made a change and shook up the fashion industry and starting introducing ‘real’ women on the catwalks and in magazines.

What are your thoughts??


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